Providing the highest quality musical services for individuals and organizations


“If music be the food of love, play on.”  ~ William Shakespeare 

Your wedding is one of the most special life events you will experience. The memories of family and friends together, the sound of beautiful strings escorting you down the aisle, that priceless memory of when you say “I do”. The Artists are professionals at helping you paint this picture that you will remember fondly forever. Whether it’s with a magical string quartet, an intimate string duet, a lively jazz combo, or even a small orchestra, the music at your wedding will be the soundtrack of your most memorable day!

Need a special song? We do arrangements for your chosen ensemble. In fact, one of our clients, who had been dating his fiancée for over eight years, had chosen an obscure but adored piece by Vivaldi to surprise his bride, and when we assured him we could play it at his wedding ceremony, he broke down with emotion. And we do any musical genre: classical, popular, rock, jazz; just ask!

Not only do The Artists provide the highest quality services, but we respond quickly and efficiently to all questions, and we are always calm, cordial, and flexible as each event unfolds. We have serviced countless weddings and other celebrations, and are confident that we have seen everything!  We can adapt at a moment’s notice to any situation. We offer as much consultation as you desire to make sure you feel comfortable with your choices for your special day.


You want your event to be memorable without even looking like it’s trying! The Artists is knowledgeable about:

  • venues and acoustics
  • size of group needed
  • which kinds of music to play and when
  • getting your choices in musicians to dovetail with your goals

In short, we provide you with the insights you need to enhance your special event and reflect well on you.

The Artists offers a large range of sophisticated professional musicians; we are able to custom fit the musicians and music to the goals you have for your event. Our high end musicians have flexibility and depth of experience.

The Artists has always set the standard in the community for elegant music performance in many different settings. Whether it’s a fundraising event or private party, or festival performance to entertain outdoor throngs, we will get the job done.

Getting excellent musicians poses some important questions:

  • How do you find musicians you can trust?
  • Can they give you the best quality available?
  • Will someone demystify the process of choosing music and musicians?

The Artists is uniquely qualified to satisfy those questions. Years spent as full time musicians and managers have given our staff experience on how to integrate live music into your event. We want to get you the best quality of performers, but we also pay careful attention to how the music will impact your event’s goals.   Finally, we only work with the very best musicians available.

Not only can The Artists provide music for your event, but we do it in a fast and efficient manner. You will never have to wait for a response and we are always punctual!


Kimberly Hain


Between the two of us, we have fifty years of experience running music agencies in Wisconsin and California. Our passion for high-quality music and other art forms is what drives the mission of The Artists. Years spent as full-time musicians performing in major symphony orchestras have taught us how to integrate classical, jazz and other types of music into successful and enjoyable personal and professional events.” 

“Having performed at countless events, Kim and I understand completely the ins and outs of what makes an event successful. Not only are we committed to high quality service, but our business management backgrounds help us organize and execute any event. We recognize the importance of communicating clearly and quickly, while remaining flexible.”


“I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was as a bride to leave things in the hands of someone so helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with! Our only regret is that I didn’t think to record!” — Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bushong

“We received nothing but compliments…” — Bluemound Country Club

“Well, you didn’t disappoint us. The music was absolutely wonderful, and enhanced our wedding and reception, precisely the way we had hoped.” — Scott and Laura Shirlez-Humber

“Your talent and helping us with the music selections made our wedding ceremony very special. You don’t know how many compliments we received. I can’t thank you enough.” — Joan Wight

“The pianist you provided for the IBM reception at the Wisconsin Club was superb!” — Bonnie Ignazitto, IBM Corporation

“A super “thank you” for the wonderful music you provided at our special event…We have received many compliments.” — Robert Spitzer, MSOE

“This letter is being written to acknowledge Ingersoll-Rand’s heartfelt thanks to you for your excellent choice of musicians to supplement the wonderful night our company had at our banquet awards dinner.” — Marlene Volmer, Ingersoll-Rand



The following is a list of starting rates based on number of musicians performing for a specified number of hours.

1 (solo)225335450555
2 (duo)4506759001125
3 (trio)675101513501705
4 (quartet)900135018002250
5 (quintet)1125167522502815
6 (sextet)1350202527003375
7 (septet)1575232531503935
8 (octet)1800270036004500

For more than eight players, please contact The Artists for a consultation.

Additional fees include:

  • Travel, more than 50 miles round trip from downtown Los Angeles, please add $1 per mile per musician.
  • Special musical arrangements (e.g. a song you would like played by a string quartet, but no arrangement for string quartet exists), fees start at $25 per hour, and the client’s request must be at least four weeks before the event,
  • Overtime, add $50 per musician per half hour (minimum is one half hour)
  • Cartage, for transport of large instruments such as harp, add $150


Let us know your contact information, any questions you may have, and the date  and venue for your event, and we will be back to you within 24 hours!